Richard S.

Very professional and has helped relieve my neck pain.

John L.

Very thorough and informative visit as usual.

Margaret W.

I have been a patient of dr A for about 20 years. She is an amazing doctor. She is thorough, patient, kind and caring. She goes above and beyond for her patients. I feel confident and secure in her hands.

Linda N.

Excellent, thorough, caring, not rushed. Dr. A checks everything and reminds to keep up with needed tests and other exams. Have been happy with Dr. A for many many years.

Joan K.

I LOVE this practice. Once you become their patient there is never a long wait. It’s a very peaceful, comfortable office. Dr. Lynch is never in a rush to get you out of her office. She’s thorough and kind and always wants to hear what you have to say. She’s sincere. I’ve never been to a doctor who genuinely makes me feel like they care-until now. Ece is a gifted, BRILLIANT acupuncturist. She, too, spends quality time and uses her amazing talents to get to the issue at hand. There’s an acupuncture treatment for everything that ails you! There have been a few billing issues in the past 2 1/2 years I’ve been a patient, however every one has been resolved with very little effort on my part. Again, I can’t stress enough…I LOVE this place, and everyone associated with it.

Troy R.

Dr. A has been my internist for over ten years. She is incredibly intelligent, kind and exceedingly thorough. She is a wonderful listener and lets the medical evidence and her experience guide her wise treatment recommendations. No wonder she is the doctor to so many other health professionals in the area.

Toby B.

There is no better doctor than Dr. A!!! The best on the Island!!

Rochelle W.

We waited a year for an appointment. Dr. Evangelina Augoustiniatos MD has exceed all expectation! She is professional, thorough exceedingly knowledgeable and very patient oriented. My husband and I can’t give her all the credit… her Mother did a great job!

Diane E.

Dr. A is kind, thoughtful, and thorough. Best Doc ever.

Pansy C.

Dr. A is always caring, considerate, thoughtful, comprehensive, and takes her time with her patient, She explains everything clearly and listens carefully to her patient’s concerns. Most importantly, although she is trained in western medicine, she embraces alternative healing and eastern medicine and uses them as part of her holistic healthcare system with her patients.

Claire K.

My experience at Evia Medical Center was with a very professional physician, Dr. Augoustiniatos. She is very knowledgeable as well as caring. She takes the time to listen to your problems & concerns & offers constructive resolutions. I always come away with a positive feeling and confidence in her advice. I highly recommend all of the faculty & staff of Evia Medical Center.