Internal and Family Medicine is the Core of Evia Medical Center’s Integrative and Functional Approach to Healthcare

Many individuals suffer from medical problems resulting from a complex combination of various conditions and imbalances. Internal medicine and family medicine traditionally look at the whole person in order to ascertain the source of the problem. Integrative medicine and functional medicine combine these traditional approaches with other modalities in order to resolve existing medical problems as well as promote the prevention of disease.

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The medical team at Evia provides you with an integrative and functional approach to healthcare and sets up a personalized program to best manage your needs. Evia Medical Center complements Primary Care Medicine by also offering acupuncture, nutritional counseling, supplements and anti-aging therapies under the supervision of our medical team.

Our Physicians and Certified Adult Nurse Practitioners provide our patients with a wide range of services for their routine, acute and chronic conditions. Our medical team has many years of hospital and out-patient experience for diagnosing adult and geriatric medical problems regardless of how rare, complex or serious the problems might be. In addition to managing acute and chronic medical illnesses, we provide our male and female patients an understanding of preventive approaches to managing their health.

At Evia Medical Center, our patients experience a warm, healing environment in an elegant setting. We provide our patients a state-of-the-art facility and cutting-edge treatment practices.