Evia Medical Center Contents Focuses Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine  

Delay the Aging Process and Improve How You Feel

Aging is part of the natural process of life, but we can certainly age gracefully. We have the opportunity to delay the aging process and try to improve how we feel now and in the future. Proper diet, exercise and stress management are key ingredients to aging well.

Evia Medical Center provides our male and female patients a comprehensive arsenal to help combat the aging process. Our primary focus is to improve the health of our patients from within, but we can also offer you ways to manage the external signs of aging.

Simply put, looking good on the outside starts from within. Our nutrition, exposure to pollutants and contaminants in our food, water and air, unprotected excessive exposure of our skin to the sun, and habits such as smoking can have a dramatic effect not only on our longevity, but on our appearance as we age.


Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

As men and women age, their hormone levels can change dramatically which can lead to various conditions such as fatigue, mood swings and reduced sex drive, to name a few. Although women’s issues related to hormonal changes are discussed the most, men also suffer from hormonal changes.

There has been tremendous interest and discussion in medical literature, magazines and popular talk shows surrounding the benefits and risks of hormone replacement therapy. Drug manufacturers of synthetic hormones made a tremendous push a few decades ago to have their products used by women. Most of the research studies and statistics surrounding the risks of hormone therapy have been centered on the use of these synthetic hormones.

Although natural bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) has been available for many years, the dangers seen in the use of synthetic hormones have dissuaded many women from seeking hormone replacement therapy as a means to help alleviate their problems. European studies over the years have indicated that BHRT is safer than synthetic hormone replacement therapy, although there can still be some risks involved depending on your underlying medical conditions.

Based on your individual medical history, known medical problems and the potential benefits and risks, Evia can help you make an informed decision regarding the use of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.


Cosmeceuticals to Heal, Nourish and Protect

Evia Medical Center has provided many of our patients with the guidance to help offset the effects of aging internally through diet, life-style changes and nutritional supplements. As our medical team begins the process of improving your health and appearance from within, we can offer you various means to help you look younger.

At the request of many of our patients, we are now pleased to offer respected lines of cosmeceuticals to heal, nourish, protect and improve the condition of your skin. These products are typically available only through physicians’ offices and certain spas.

In addition, Evia offers acupuncture for facial rejuvenation by our specially trained acupuncture team.